JSC “Technobank” was registered by the National Bank of Belarus August 5th, 1994 and was given its correspondent account in the Settlement Centre of the National Bank 3200001820015, code 182, UNP 100706562.

JSC “Technobank” is licensed by the National Bank of Belarus to perform the given below banking operations (A license for banking operations № 11 of 31.05.2013, issued by the National Bank of Belarus):
  • fundraising to deposits of businesses and individuals; 
  • placement of attracted funds on its own behalf and at their own expense on condition of repayment, serviceability and urgency;
  • settlement and cash services for businesses and individuals;
  • precious metals account management;
  • managing of settlement and cash services to individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks;
  • currency exchange;
  • precious metals and stones trading in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • depositing precious stones and metals;
  • issuance of bank guarantees;
  • trust funds under the contract of confidential management of funds;
  • bank cards issue;
  • issuance of securities confirming the attraction of funds to deposits and depositing them;
  • factoring;
  • providing natural and legal persons with special facilities or safe deposit boxes for safekeeping of documents and valuables (cash, securities, precious metals and stones, etc.);
  • transportation of cash, payment instructions, precious metals and stones and other valuables between banks and non-banking financial institutions, their separate and organizational units, as well as the delivery of such valuables to the customers of banks and non-banking financial institutions.

JSC “Technobank” has got a wide branch network (cash settlement centres, banking services centres, regional offices). The bank’s clientele exceeds more than 11,000 customers of different forms of ownership.
Its main activities:
  • loans to legal entities and individuals;
  • fundraising to deposits of businesses and individuals;
  • securities trading;
  • settlement and cash services;
  • leasing operations;
  • operations for the issuance of guarantees and warranties;
  • operations on behalf of correspondent banks;
  • depository services.

The Bank has the status of a professional participant on the securities market of the Republic acts as the primary investor in the auction on placement of short-term bonds (T-bills) and bonds of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Issues and services bank cards of international payment systems "Visa International" and the national BelCard. 

It services VAT checks of the leading international refund companies: Global Blue, Premier Tax Free, Tax Free Worldwide and Litofolija Tax Free. 

All kinds of international payments are carried out using "S.W.I.F.T." system.

The Bank is the guarantor of electronic money WMB (Belarusian roubles) of WebMoney Transfer system.

The Bank has a wide network of correspondent relations with the countries of near and far abroad. This allows to quickly meet the needs of customers who are making payments throughout the territory of the CIS, the Baltic States, Europe, the United States.